Arbitration services (other than labor arbitration) are billed at the rate of $400/hour, subject to certain minimums and late cancellation/postponement**

  • Daily rate ($3,200 for arbitration hearings – up to seven hours in a day; time in excess of seven hours is billed at the rate of $400/hour, in one-tenth hour increments).
  • Study time (including pre-hearing conferences, pre-hearing motion practice and orders, and post-hearing deliberating and rendering awards billed at the rate of $400/hour, in one-tenth hour increments).
  • Travel time billed in half-day increments (of $1,600) when hearing location requires air travel or other travel of more than one hour each way.  Regardless of length of travel, actual travel expenses incurred (e.g., meals, tolls, hotels, air travel) plus mileage at the prevailing IRS rate will be billed to the Parties.

**Fees as stated apply unless court order, agency order, or published panel/roster rates dictate different rate, in which case that rate governs.


  • CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT POLICY  Notice of cancellation or postponement of a scheduled arbitration hearing must be received at least 28 calendar days prior to the scheduled commencement of the arbitration hearing.  Absent timely notification, the parties will be billed their pro rata shares of the late cancellation/postponement fee ($3,200 for each day reserved for the arbitration hearing) plus pro rata share of travel expenses incurred, e.g., airline change fees or penalties (if applicable). Note: if one party is prepared to go forward and the other party is not (e.g., in the event of a no-show) on the first scheduled date of the hearing, the arbitrator may impose the entire cancellation-postponement fee against the party who failed to appear or who requested the late cancellation/postponement.
  • DEPOSITS Arbitrator Fee and Expense Deposits are usually required (at the arbitrator’s sole discretion), and are based on the arbitrator’s estimate of fees and expenses to be incurred in the matter.  Such deposits are kept on account, and applied against invoices the arbitrator submits to the parties.  If additional deposits are requested, the parties shall make such deposits promptly; the balance, if any, left over after completion of the arbitration, will be promptly returned to the parties who made the deposit.  (N.B.: the funds are not kept in a lawyer trust account.)
  • BILLING  We usually bill for travel time, hearing time, and related expenses immediately after the hearing, with additional bills generated for post-hearing study time.  Depending on the amount of prehearing study time incurred, prehearing bills may also be generated. Each bill is due upon receipt.