Labor Arbitration Services*  are billed as follows:

*This includes all services as impartial decision maker in the labor/management milieu, regardless of title of the role, e.g., arbitrator, PERC impasse special master, etc.

  • Hearings: $2,000 per day or part thereof (up to 7 hours), plus expenses

    • Time incurred in a single hearing day (beyond the initial seven hours) is billed in 1/10th hour increments at the rate of $425/hour.

  • Study/preparation/travel time billed in half-day increments of $1,000 per half-day or part thereof (up to 4 hours).

  • Cancellation policy: Parties must give at least 28 calendar days’ notice of cancellation or postponement of a scheduled hearing.  If less notice is received, the parties are charged $2000 per day reserved, plus travel expenses actually incurred, e.g., airfare, airline change fees or penalties (if applicable).

  • Billing: Please note, the arbitrator typically bills in two phases:

    • Immediately after conclusion of the hearing, Arbitrator will send invoices to the parties for all fees and expenses incurred through return to the office from the hearing. Those invoices are immediately due and payable at that time, net 15.

    • Then, after issuance of the Award, Arbitrator will send additional invoices to the parties for all post-hearing time.