Mediation services are billed at the rate of $350 per hour ($175/hour per side, unless otherwise agreed)*

* Fees as stated apply unless court order, agency order, or published panel/roster rates dictate different rate, in which case that rate governs. 

Minimum Engagements 

  • Half-day reserved for Video, Telephone, or In-Person Local Mediation:  three-hour minimum ($1,050 minimum, $525 minimum per side); $350/hour thereafter

    • Note: “Local” means within one hour drive time of our North Tampa Office

  • Full-day reserved for Video, Telephone, or In-Person Mediation: six-hour minimum ($2,100 minimum, $1,050 minimum per side); $350/hour thereafter

  • Premediation time: 15 minutes (per side) of standard pre-mediation communication is included in the fees above.  Review of materials or conversation in excess of 15 minutes will be billed to the side requesting at the rate of $350/hour (charged in increments of 1/10th of an hour) with those fees to be added to that side’s bill to be paid at the end of mediation

Late Cancellation/Postponement

  • Notice of cancellation/postponement must be received at least 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled commencement of the mediation conference.  Otherwise, the parties will incur a cancellation / postponement fee, equal to the applicable minimum engagement; if the parties do not otherwise agree as to how to apportion the cancellation/postponement fee or if, for example, one party wishes to cancel but others are prepared to move forward with the mediation, the mediator reserves the right to apportion some or all of the cancellation/postponement fee against the party(ies) who request the late cancellation/postponement.

The “Fine Print”

  • RESPONSIBILITY OF ATTORNEYS  Notwithstanding the fact that counsel is acting as agent for a disclosed principal, the attorney’s client, the mediator is setting aside time to mediate this dispute without requiring prepayment of fees in consideration of each party’s attorney’s agreement that the attorneys undertake responsibility for timely delivery of that party’s fees.

  • PAYMENT TERMS Full payment is due at conclusion of mediation session, unless prior arrangements have been made.  We accept cash, major credit cards, PayPal, and Zelle payments (send to  Alternative arrangements (such as check, ACH or EFT) with prior approval.